Climbing High and Reaching Back

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Dmitri Stockton’s success story sounds like it’s from another time and place. In an era when top executives jump from company to company like restless free agents, Stockton has spent his entire 24-career at GE, steadily climbing the corporate ladder of GE’s global banking and investment divisions until arriving at the topmost rung, President and CEO of GE Asset Management. 

Loyalty is at the core of Stockton’s character and was something he admired from his first visit to the North Carolina A&T campus. “The professors I met showed a demonstrated interest in the students,” Stockton remembers. “A&T had a good track record of alumni maintaining contact with the university. I didn’t want to go to a place and simply get an education and that was it. I was looking for a place where students were proud of the university and had great school spirit. A&T certainly had that.”

Stockton’s first impressions were dead on. Dr. Mark Kiel, then chair of the accounting department, was one of the first people Stockton met during his campus visit. Over the years, Dr. Kiel and School of Business & Economics Dean Dr. Quiester Craig have become trusted friends and advisors.

 “I talk to them routinely,” says Stockton. “When I’ve thought about different moves in my career, I’ve been able to pick up the phone and call those two people and bounce ideas off of them.”

Stockton’s chief responsibility at GE is managing the $122 billion in assets that corporate investors, public pension plans and insurance companies have entrusted to his care. But his success in the business world brings other responsibilities, Stockton says, like reaching back and extending a hand to the next generation. 

“When I went to college, it was really difficult financially,” says Stockton, who grew up along the North Carolina and Virginia border. “I felt it was important that when I got into a position where I was able to support people, that I would.”

With matching contributions from GE, Stockton has established a scholarship in his name. He’s also GE’s University Executive at A&T—kind of like a chief recruiter—and a frequent guest speaker at the School of Business & Economics.


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