Dean Quiester Craig and Dr. Fort

ACCT-446. Managerial Accounting
Credit 3(3-0):

Focuses on current techniques of processing and utilizing accounting data for information systems with emphasis on the computer for internal control and reporting. Recognition also given to the appropriate ethical considerations in the development and reporting of accounting information. Prerequisite: Successful completion of ACCT 441. (F;S)

ACCT 563. Contemporary Cost Accounting Topics                                 
Credit 3 (3-0):

The course covers contemporary issues/problems in cost and managerial accounting in the context of the modern business environment. Emphasis is given to cost information systems, analytical models, global aspects in management accounting, decision models, nontraditional accounting systems and other specialized cost topics. Case methodology and computer analysis are utilized. Prerequisites: Minimum Grade of “C” in ACCT 444. (S)

ACCT-590. Seminar in Accounting Theory
Credit 3(3-1):

Focuses on the framework of ideas, concepts, and principles which make up the body of knowledge of accounting theory. Prerequisites: Successful completion of ACCT 442, Senior standing, and permission of instructor. Not recommended for Audit. (S)

ACCT-643. Advanced Income Tax Accounting
Credit 3(3-1):

Advanced treatment of tax rules, regulations, and application for individuals, partnerships, fiduciaries, and corporations. Students are also introduced to tax case research and the preparation of corporate tax returns utilizing the computer. Prerequisite: Successful completion of ACCT 443. Not recommended for Audit. (S)