Project Eat Right-Add to Life

Program Description:

Project Eat Right-Add to Life is a community-based nutrition education program designed to improve Food Stamp Program (FSP) participants' knowledge in food and nutrition, and to increase their ability to make wise consumer decisions at home, in the marketplace and school. The methodology uses the "train-the-trainer" model to deliver nutrition education to FSP participants. PEARL is presently operating in these counties: Bladen, Catawba, Cleveland , Columbus , Cumberland , Davidson, Greene, Guilford , Hoke, Jones, Nash, New Hanover, Northampton , Richmond , Robeson, Rockingham , Scotland and Union .

Target Audience:

Young homemakers (ages 19-25 years), single parent families, and youth 5-18 years old, and senior citizens who reside in public housing or Section 8 housing communities, and daycare centers that serve a high percentage of food stamp populations. Teachers in selected public schools that have more than 50 percent Food Stamp recipients are also included in this audience.

Goals and Objectives:

Food Stamp participants will:

  • gain knowledge about food and nutrition using the Food Guide Pyramid, US Dietary Guidelines and other appropriate resources.
  • develop positive attitudes and value staying healthy as a lifetime process.
  • apply decision-making skills in food and nutrition management (planning, shopping/preparation and selection) in various markets.
  • adopt lifestyle changes to influence their nutritional well-being as a key factor to an improved quality of life (reduce salt, fat and sugar intake), increase consumption of fruit and vegetables, increase physical activity to three times a week.



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