Farm Safety and Energy Conservation Program

Program Description:

Agriculture is a unique industry in that many of its workers live, work and enjoy recreational activities at the work site. This often exposes them to diverse hazards associated with farm machinery, chemicals, livestock and bad weather. This program prepares farmers, ranchers and their families with training and information to combat all the above mentioned hazards. This program also provides training and information to the farmers and ranchers on energy conservation and management.

Target audience:

Farmers, farm workers and their families

Goals and Objectives:

To encourage a safe farm environment, and to prevent or reduce health hazards, injuries and fatalities on the farms across the State of North Carolina and the nation.

Train the farmers, and their workers so that they are able to: 1. understand and practice safe farm machinery operation, 2. understand and practice safe animal control, 3. use personal protective equipment correctly, and 4. understand the principles and practice of farm energy management and conservation.


M. J. Ibrahim, PhD, Farm Safety, Energy and Environmental Specialist
Cooperative Extension Program
North Carolina A&T State University
P.O. Box 21928 Greensboro NC 27420
(336) 334-7956

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