Farm Management (for successful direct marketing)

the cooperative extension program logoProgram Description:

This program provides educational resources to improve farm business management skills so that limited resource, small and part-time farmers can increase their income from direct marketing. It is offered through the North Carolina Cooperative Extension system. The program is designed so that program participants learn through practices, discussions, role plays, planning, and implementation. It monitors and reports results and uses evaluation for constant program improvement.


Target audience:

Farmers and other direct marketers. The program is designed for use by Extension field faculty and others interested in educational programs to improve small-scale agricultural business management.


Goals and Objectives:

To increase income through sound business management practices.

Objectives: Provide an educational program for field faculty with materials to help marketers develop successful skills of:

1. knowledge of the basics of management,

2. farming/marketing as information driven systems and the design of a useful information managing system,

3. the steps of good management and the decision-making process, and how to go about it,

4. establishing a successful market and production system, and

5. evaluating and monitoring steps.



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