Environmental Intervention Program


Program Description:The Cooperative Extension Program at North Carolina A&T State University

The environmental intervention program focuses on development and implementation of programs for farmers and ranchers in North Carolina with emphasis on small-scale producers. Farmers are provided with training and material on agricultural chemical
application, management, storage, safe chemical disposal, correct use of personal protective equipment, and integrated pest management (IPM) methods. Also the program provides information and training on livestock and poultry waste management.
Target audience:
Farmers and ranchers in North Carolina , with emphasis on the small-scale producer.
Goals and Objectives:
The primary goal is to provide information and technical assistance that will address pollution prevention/reduction and ways to reduce the cost of regulatory compliance.  
Train the farmers so that they are able to:
1. calibrate application equipment and apply chemical correctly,
2. perform correct equipment turn-up,
3. recycle left over chemical and containers,
4. understand practice pollution prevention general safety,
5. understand and practice integrated pest management (IPM) methods, and
6. understand and practice livestock and poultry waste management.  

M. J. Ibrahim, PhD, Farm Safety, Energy and Environmental Specialist 
Cooperative Extension Program 
North Carolina A&T State University 
P.O. Box 21928 
Greensboro NC 27420 
(336) 334-7956 

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