Community Voices: Leadership Development for Community Decision-Making

Program Description:

Community Voices is a leadership development program designed to help limited-resource and other non-traditional leaders develop skills to solve community problems. The program is supported by a four-volume curriculum and a video. The participative approach used in the curriculum allows adults involved in the program to actively participate in a series of learning experiences, analyze those experiences, and determine their application to life situations. The program was funded by a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation awarded to North Carolina A&T State University.


Target audience:

Limited resource and other non-traditional leaders.

Goals and Objectives:

Train leaders to solve community problems in their local communities.  


Michelle Eley, PhD, Extension Specialist,
Cooperative Extension Program
North Carolina A&T State University
P.O. Box 21928
Greensboro , NC 27420 
phone (336) 334-7956


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