Graduate Grades and Grade Point Average

  1. Types of grades: The following grades are awarded in graduate courses.  Some grades are not used in calculating the cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA):
    • A (Excellent); 4.0 points
    • AU (Audit);
    • B (Average); 3.0 points
    • C (Below average); 2.0 points
    • P (Pass);
    • F (Failure); 0 points
    • I (Incomplete);
    • IP (In Progress);
    • S (Satisfactory);
    • U (Unsatisfactory);
    • W (Withdrawn);
  2. Graduate Credit: Only courses numbered 600 or higher can be counted toward completion of graduate degrees or certificate programs.  Grades for courses taken for graduate credit while an undergraduate at North Carolina A&T State University, in Post Baccalaureate Studies (PBS) classification, or transferred from other universities must have a grade of “B” or better to be transferred.  “B-” is not a “B” or better. 
  3. GPA Calculation: The following rules apply in calculating graduate student GPA.
    • All courses numbered 600 or higher taken in a graduate classification or for graduate credit as an undergraduate are included in the graduate GPA.
    • When students repeat a graduate course, all grades including the last grade will be utilized to calculate the cumulative graduate average. 
  4. Incomplete and IP Grades:  Students cannot graduate with any “I” or “IP” grade on their transcript.  "I" grades must be resolved during the next semester after taking the course.  Otherwise, a grade of "F" will be automatically assigned.    When a grade of “I” converts to “F”, this may result in an action of probation or dismissal for the semester in which the conversion takes place, even if the student is not registered for the semester in which it converted.  All previous IP grades are converted to a “P” grade after the thesis/dissertation is successfully defended and a grade of “P” is awarded in the last semester. 
  5. Courses with Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grades do not impact GPA.  However, a required course with an S/U grade must be completed with a grade of S. 
  6. Change of Grade: A change of grade, if any, must be made within one year from the date the original grade was received. 
  7. Course Repetition: Graduate courses may be repeated only with the permission of the student's graduate program coordinator and/or department chair and approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies.  Degree credit for repeated courses will be given only once, but the grade assigned for each enrollment shall be permanently recorded.  Both the original grade and the grade received in the repetition will be used in calculating the overall GPA.
    A student may not repeat a course in which “C” or above was earned.  A student may repeat a required course in which “F” was earned. A student may not repeat the course more than once. If a student fails a second time, he/she may be dismissed from the degree program.  All hours attempted in graduate courses and all grade points earned are included in the computation of the cumulative average of a graduate student. 
  8. Failure to meet course requirements: A student who stops attending a course and/or fails to meet course requirements without officially withdrawing from the course may be assigned a grade of “F.” 
  9. Failing to withdraw by deadline: Students who withdraw from the University prior to the published deadline to withdraw from the University shall receive a “W” in all classes enrolled.  Failure to execute and file these forms in a timely manner will result in a student receiving an “F” for each course in which he or she was enrolled during the semester in question.