Graduate Certificate Programs

Post-baccalaureate and post-masters certificate programs are designed to provide specialized graduate level training in a focused area.  The minimal criteria are:

  • All courses comprising the certificate program must be at a level acceptable for graduate credit, i.e. a course numbered at 600 or higher.
  • The minimum number of semester credit hours required for a certificate may vary from program to program, but must consist of at least 12 semester credit hours.
  • Courses required by the certificate program must be taught by members of the graduate faculty.
  • Admission requirements of the School of Graduate Studies must be met by an applicant.
  • A student may be admitted to the School of Graduate Studies for a certificate program without being admitted to a degree program.  A student may subsequently apply for admission to a degree program for which the certificate credit hours constitutes some portion of total requirements, subject to the Graduate Transfer Credits policy.