2012 -2013 Table of Contents

  I.   Introduction
 II.  Expenses and Financial Assistance
III.  Academic Policies and Regulations
 IV.  Curriculum Requirements

I.   Introduction

II.  Expenses and Financial Assistance

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III.   Academic Policies and Regulations

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IV.  Curriculum Requirements (Available soon!)

  • Ph.D. Computational Science and Engineering
  • Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
  • Ph.D. Energy and Environmental Systems
  • Ph.D. Industrial and Systems Engineering 
  • Ph.D. Leadership Studies 
  • Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering 
  • Ph.D. Nanoengineering 
  • MA English and African American Literature 
  • MAEd Elementary Education 
  • MAEd Reading Education 
  • MAT Biology Education 
  • MAT Business Education 
  • MAT Chemistry Education 
  • MAT Child Development: Early Education & Family Studies Birth-K 
  • MAT Elementary Education 
  • MAT English Education 
  • MAT Family and Consumer Sciences Education 
  • MAT History Education 
  • MAT Math Education 
  • MAT Physical Education 
  • MAT Special Education 
  • MAT Technology Education 
  • MS Adult Education 
  • MS Agricultural Education 
  • MS Applied Mathematics 
  • MS Bioengineering 
  • MS Biology 
  • MS Chemical Engineering 
  • MS Chemistry 
  • MS Civil Engineering 
  • MS Computational Science and Engineering 
  • MS Computer Science 
  • MS Electrical Engineering 
  • MS Food and Nutritional Science 
  • MS Industrial and Systems Engineering 
  • MS Information Technology 
  • MS Instructional Technology 
  • MS Management - Accounting
  • MS Management - Human Resource Management
  • MS Management - Supply Chain Systems
  • MS Mechanical Engineering 
  • MS Mental Health Counseling (Clinical) 
  • MS Mental Health Counseling (Rehabilitation)
  • MS Nanoengineering 
  • MS Physical Education 
  • MS Physics 
  • MS School Counseling 
  • MS Technology Management 
  • MSA School Administration 
  • MSW Social Work (Joint with UNCG)
  • Rehabilitation Counseling and Behavioral Addictions, PM certificate
  • Rehabilitation Psychology and Behavioral Medicine, PM certificate
  • School Administration, PM certificate
  • Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment, PM certificate

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