Ali Karimoddini

Ali Karimoddini

Assistant Professor

 Ali Karimoddini


Autonomous Cooperative Control of emergent Systems of Systems (ACCESS) Laboratory, Director

Testing, Evaluation, and Control of Heterogeneous Large-Scale systems of Autonomous Vehicles (TECHLAV), Deputy Director


Contact: 524 McNair Hall
Fax: (336) 334-7716


Ph.D. National University of Singapore 2013
M.S. Petroleum University of Technology 2006
B.S. Amirkabir University- Tehran Polytechnic 2003

 Teaching Interest

ECEN872 - Decision Making and Supervisory Control of Discrete Event Systems

ECEN865 - Theory of Linear Systems

ECEN668 - Automatic Control Theory

Research Interest

“Testing, evaluation, analysis, control, and decision making for large scale complex systems”, “Robotic swarms”, “Cyber-physical systems”, “Cooperative and distributed control of multi-agent systems”, “Reliable and fault tolerant hybrid control systems”,  “Aerial robotics”, “Flight control systems”, “Discrete event systems”, “Distributed optimization for coordination of multi-agent systems”, “Hybrid modeling and control”, and “Biological systems”.

Selected Publications

  • A. Karimoddini, H. Lin, B. M. Chen, and T. H. Lee, “A Bumpless Hybrid Supervisory Control Mechanism for the Formation of  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”,  Mechatronics, 23(6), pp 677-688, 2013.
  • A. Karimoddini, H. Lin, B. M. Chen, and T. H. Lee, “Hybrid three-dimensional formation control for unmanned helicopters”, Automatica, 49(2), pp 424-433, 2013.
  • A. Karimoddini, H. Lin, B. M. Chen, and T. H. Lee, “Hybrid Formation Control of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”, Mechatronics,  21(5), pp. 886-898, 2011.
  • A. Davari, M. H. Marhaban, S. Bahari M. Noor, M. Karimadini, A. Karimoddini, “Parameter estimation of K-distributed sea clutter based on fuzzy inference and Gustafson-Kessel clustering”, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 163(1), pp. 45-53, 2011.
  • A. Karimoddini, G. Cai, B.M. Chen, H. Lin, T. H. Lee, “Hierarchical Control Design of a UAV Helicopter”,  in Advances in Flight Control Systems, INTECH, Vienna, Austria, 2011.
  • A. Karimoddini, H. Lin, B. M. Chen, and T. H. Lee, “Hierarchical Hybrid Modelling and Control of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”,  submitted for publication