Core CSE Faculty

  • Marwan Bikdash, Professor and Director of Computational Science and Engineering; B.S., Electrical Engineering, American University of Beirut; M.S., Virginia Tech; Ph.D., Virginia Tech
  • K. M. Flurchick, Assistant Professor of Computational Science and Engineering/Physics; B.A. William Paterson College; M.S., & Ph.D., Colorado State University
  • Dukka KC, Assistant Professor of Computational Science and Engineering; B. Eng., M. Inf., Ph.D., Kyoto University

Other Contributing Faculty

  • Lyubov L. Kurkalova, Associate Professor of Economics/EES; B.S., Tajik State University; M.S., Kazakh State University; Ph.D., Iowa State University
  • Yuh-Lang Lin, Professor of Physics/EES; B.S., Fu Jen Catholic University; M.A., Fordham University; M.S., South Dakota School of Mines and Technology; Ph.D., Yale University
  • Justin Zhan, Computer Science; Ph.D., Carnegie Melon University
  • Zhichao Li,  Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering; B.S., M.S., Tianjin University of Technology and Education, Ph.D., Kansas State University
  • Taher Abu-Lebdeh, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering; B.S., M.S., Yarmouk University; Ph.D. Louisiana State University
  • Albert C. Esterline, Associate Professor of Computer Science; B.A., Lawrence University; M.Litt., Ph.D., University of St. Andrews; M.S., Ph.D., University of Minnesota
  • Ellie Fini, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering; B.S., Isfahan University of Technology; B.S., M.S., Sharif University of Technology ; Ph.D., University of Illinois
  • Scott H. Harrison, Assistant Professor of Biology; B.S., Ph.D., Michigan State University
  • Manoj K. Jha, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering; B.E., Tribhuva University; M.E. Asian Institute of Technology; M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State University
  • Ajit D. Kelkar, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Chair, Nanoengineering; B.S., Pune University, Pune, India; M.S., South Dakota State University; Ph.D., Old Dominion University
  • Divi Venkateswarlu, Associate Professor of Chemistry; M.Sc, Regional Engineering College; M.Phil, University of Hydrabad; Ph.D., North Eastern Hill University
  • Dhananjay Kumar, Associate Professor and ORNL Joint Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; B.S., Bhagalpur University; M.S., Magadh University, Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology
  • Jianzhong Lou, Professor of Chemical Engineering; Ph.D., University of Utah
  • Perpetua Muganda, Professor of Biology; B.S., Lock Haven State College; M.S., Howard University; Ph.D., Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Ram Mohan, Associate Professor of Nanoengineering; B. Engg, University of Madras; M.S.M.E., West Virginia University, M.S. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Ph.D. University of Minnesota
  • Abolghasem Shahbazi, Professor of Natural Resources & Environmental Design; Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
  • Guoqing Tang, Professor of Mathematics; B.S., Anhui University; M.S., Nanjing University of Science and Technology; Ph.D., Rutgers University
  • Lijun Wang, Associate Professor of Natural Resources & Environmental Design; Ph.D., National University of Ireland
  • Dr. Robert Newman, Assistant Professor of Biology; B.A., McDaniel College; Ph.D, John Hopkins University School of Public Health
  • Mulumebet Worku, Professor of Animal Science; B.S., Addis Ababa University, Alemaya College of Agriculture, Ethiopia; M.S., Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park
  • Mary Smith, Associate Professor and Chairperson of Biology; B.S., Morgan State University; Ph.D., Cornell University
  • Abdellah Ahmidouch, Associate Professor and Chairperson of Department of Physics; B.S., Mohammed V. University, M.S., Joseph Fourier Grenoble I University; Ph.D., University of Geneva
  • Vinaya A. Kelkar, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Biology; B.S., Gujarat University-India; M.S., Old Dominion University; Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Paramanathan Varatharajah, Associate Professor of Mathematics; Ph.D., University of Arizona
Points of Pride