M.S & Ph.D. Program Scholarships

NSF Carolina Cyber Defender Scholarship (SFS) (pdf)Through the NSF Cyber Corps Scholarship for Service (SFS)program, North Carolina Agriculture and Technology StateUniversity will provide grants to students to study in the field of information assurance.

Each scholarship recipient will complete a graduate degree in Computer Science and earn an Information Assurance certificate. All participants will be fully integrated into our research program and be associated with one of our on going research projects. All students will receive stipends plus support for tuition and fees and room and board. There will be additional activities that are specially created for the SFS students. Upon graduation, each recipient will be required to work in a qualified cybersecurity position for a federal, state, local or tribal government agency or a qualified national laboratory for a period of time equal to the time they were supported by the scholarship.

Each student in the program will be supported for up to two years. The specific benefits will be:

  • A graduate student will be paid a stipend of $32,000 per year.
  • Additional support $2,000 will be provided to health insurance, and $1,000 to textbooks.
  • Applicable tuition and fees, including any out-of-state and graduate student fees.

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For additional information on the M.S. Program scholarships, please contact Dr. Anna Yu, cshmyu@ncat.edu.

Title III Ph.D. Fellowship Fund

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Title III Fellowship

For additional information on Ph.D. funding opportunities, please contact Dr. Gerry Dozier, gvdozier@ncat.edu.