M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science


M.S. Program Overview

The Department of Computer Science offers an innovative graduate program, combining computer science fundamentals with practical knowledge and technical excellence in the most advanced technologies. The Computer Science Department performs research funded by agencies including the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the U.S. Air Force, the National Security Agency, the Naval Oceanographic Office, National Science Foundation and among others.

The research interests of the faculty cover many areas of Computer Science including software engineering, information assurance, secure software engineering, artificial intelligence, computational science, distributed systems, multiagent systems, computer security, visualization and high performance computing

The Department offers an MS Computer Science degree with option of a “General Track”, and five specialization tracks “Software Engineering”, “Computational Science and Engineering”, “Information Assurance”, “Secure Software Engineering” and “Artificial Intelligence”. Students interested in Software Engineering, Computational Science and Engineering, Information Assurance and Artificial Intelligence can choose one of these specialization tracks, whereas students interested in other areas may select General Track, and design their curriculum in consultation with their advisor to satisfy all graduation requirements of an MS in CS.

M.S. Program Admissions Requirements

It is assumed that all entering students have completed undergraduate courses in programming in a high‑level language (such as C, C++, or Java), in data structures, and in computer architecture, as well as mathematical maturity (for example Calculus I & II, and Discrete Mathematics or Switching Theory).  Students who have not had such courses or their equivalent may be required to take undergraduate courses to remedy deficiencies, with no credit towards the degree. A 3.0 GPA and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or a related discipline are required for unconditional admission.

Detailed information on admissions procedures, along with the appropriate forms, are available from the Graduate School and College of Engineering graduate office. You may directly contact:            

Graduate Coordinator - Dr. Huiming Yu, email: cshmyu@ncat.edu, phone: 336-285-3699

Degree Requirements

The Masters of Science in Computer Science at NC A&T SU can be earned through one of three options: Project,  Thesis, or course. The Thesis option requires thirty (30) credit hours consisting of twenty-four (24) credit hours of course work and six credit hours for the thesis. The Project option requires thirty-three (33) credit hours consisting of thirty (30) credit hours of course work and three (3) credit hours for the project. The course option requires thirty-three (33) credit hours of course work. Graduate credit hours are earned only on courses numbered 600 and above, and at least half of the credit hours must be in courses numbered 700 and above.   As stated before, students may specialize in one of five tracks (Software Engineering, Secure Software Engineering, Computational Science and Engineering, Information Assurance, and Artificial Intelligence), or select the General Track and design their own program in consultation of their advisor such that all requirements for MS in CS at NC A&T SU are satisfied.