Shamsuddin Ilias, Ph.D, P.E.

Chemical, Biological and Bioengineering

Contact: 314 McNair Hall
Phone: (336) 285-3656
Fax: (336) 334- 7904

Ph.D. Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, 1986
M.Sc. University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran , 1979
B.Sc. Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Dhaka 1974

 Teaching Interest

  • CHEN 200 Chemical Process Principles
  • CHEN 220 Analytical Methods in Engineering
  • CHEN 400 Mass Transfer Operations
  • CHEN 705 Transport Phenomena
  • CHEN 715 Advanced Chemical Engineering Analysis
  • CHEN 750 Advanced Separations
Research Interest
  • Membrane Separations & Membrane Reactor
  • Metal-Ceramic Composite Membrane and Material
  • Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts / Catalysis
  • Diffusion in Porous Media and Transport Modeling
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic
  • Environmental Engineering
Research Projects
  • Fabrication of Pd/Pd-alloy Films by surfactant Induced Electroless Plating for Hydrogen Separation from Advanced Coal Gasification Processes (US DOE – NETL)
  • Synthesis of Novel Mesoporous Silica Bimetallic Nanostructured Materials and its Potential for Hydrogen Economy (US DOE –NETL).
  • Ilias, S., and Islam, M.A., “Methods for Preparing Thin Films by Electroless Plating.” US Patent Application #20100068391 (USPTO assignment date: March 18, 2010).
  • Lou, J., Harinath, V., Ilias, S., and Sankar, J., “An ultrahigh-selectivity oxygen enrichment filled elastomeric silicone polymer membrane incorporating nanofillers.” US Patent #7,264,650 (2007).
  • Ilias, S., Hargrove, S.C., and Talbert, M., “Method for Improving the Permeate Flux of a Cross-flow membrane Filter,” US Patent #6,423,230 (2002).
  • Ilias, S., Hargrove, S.C., and Talbert, M., “Flux-enhanced cross-flow membrane filter,” U.S. Patent #6,168,714 (2001).
  Ten Selected Publications
  • Islam, M.A., and Ilias, S., “Characterization of Pd-composite Membrane fabricated by Surfactant induced Electroless Plating (SIEP): Effect of Grain Size on Hydrogen Permeability,” Separation Science and Technology, 45 (12-13), pp. 1886-1893 (2010).
  • Anim-Mensah, A.R., and Ilias, S., “Solubilization of TX-100 and PEG-PPG-PEG in liquid carbon dioxide,” Separation Science and Technology, 45 (12-13), pp. 1901-1907 (2010).
  • Bililign, S., Lin, Y-L., Kurkalova, L., Rastigeyev, Y., Schimmel, K., Bae, S., Davis, R., Ilias, S., Kyei, Y., Uzochukwu, G., “Climate and Water Resources: A Challenge to Integrated Science/Social Policy Formulation,” Convergence Review: An Interdisciplinary Journal,” 2, pp. 63-72 (2009).
  • Zhang, J., Lou, J., and Ilias, S., Krishnamachari, P., and Yan, J., “Thermal properties of poly(lactic acid) fumed silica nanocomposites: Experiments and molecular dynamics simulations,” Polymer, 49(9), 2381-2386 (2008).
  • Bothun, G.D, Ilias, S., and Peay, K., “Role of Tail Chemistry on Liquid and Gas Transport through Organosilane Modified Hydrophobic Mesoporous Ceramic Membranes,” J. Memb. Sci., 301 (1 & 2), pp. 162-170 (2007).
  • Yeboah, F.E., Chowdhury, F., Ilias, S. Singh, H. and L. Sparks, “Protecting Buildings against Bioterrorism – Review of Guidance and Tools,” ASHRAE Transactions, 113 (1), pp. 262-273 (2007).
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  • Bothun, G.D., Nelson, K., and Ilias, S., “Adsorption and Hydration Effects on Liquid Carbon Dioxide Transport through Mesoporous g-alumina and Titania Membranes,” J. Memb. Sci. 281, pp. 149-55 (2006).
  • Mondal, A.M., and Ilias, S., “Analysis of Numerical Instability in Single-stage Gas Permeation,” J. Memb. Sci, 262 (1 &2), pp 5-10 (2005).