Most of the graduates of the Department of Physics have been accepted by graduate school before their graduation, or have been employed shortly after graduation. A&T physics majors have been employed by agencies such as Lockheed Martin, NASA, Ford Motor Co., General Electric, IBM, The Environmental Protection Agency, and at high schools and universities.

The late Dr. Ronald McNair earned his BS degree in physics at A&T in 1971. Dr. McNair will be long remembered as an outstanding graduate of the Department of Physics. After leaving A&T Dr. McNair earned a PhD. degree in laser physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and launched a career as a research scientist.

Here is an interesting and informative link about Dr. McNair.

Additionally, a multi-media media display of A&T in Space was unveiled recently.  It is on permanent exhibit in the lobby of the Academic Classroom Building.  Click the link below to learn more.