Chair's Message

Welcome to the Department of Liberal Studies (LIBS) where our team of faculty members are committed to facilitating our students toward becoming Designers of their Destiny!  The Liberal Studies Department is unique among undergraduate programs. 

Our mission is to provide a diverse academic curriculum that will facilitate students in academic excellence, effectiveness and efficiency to accomplish their educational goals, thus promoting the number of quality graduates from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. 

Our vision is to help students realize their full potential through a quality education that empowers them with a broad knowledge and transferable skills; a strong comprehensive understanding of ethics and civil engagement; and a transformative curriculum that exposes the interconnected relationships among the disciplines, society, humanity, and the global community.  Awareness of history, philosophy, sociology, technology, art, language, and culture and the impact of these disciplines on contemporary issues enhance our students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities for critical analyses.

We offer seven concentrations with a global perspective using an interdisciplinary approach.  Our experienced, accomplished, and highly energetic faculty have a wide range of expertise to facilitate educational growth through immersion experiences in (1) African American Studies, (2) Women’s Studies, (3) International Studies, (4) Race, Class & Culture, (5) Cultural Change and Social Development, (6) Pre-Law and (7) Dance.

Because Liberal Studies majors are afforded diverse options in their plan of study, they earn a degree that is both personally interesting and professionally relevant.   Consequently, we attract students who are both analytical and creative, out-of-the-box thinkers, non-traditional scholars, and military veterans. 

Additionally, the Liberal Studies Department supports select students who qualify to participate in the Individualized Studies concentration.  These students experience a customized program, combining a specific set of courses to structure an organic plan of study that will lead to a unique concentration within the Liberal Studies Degree.

A wide variety of careers are available to students who complete a Liberal Studies major.  Graduates find entry into careers in business, government, and social and family service agencies.  Many of our majors combine this study with teacher training programs for lateral-entry into becoming K-12 educators; others find this interdisciplinary major appropriate for graduate studies in many areas from law, business administration, health administration, mental health counseling and rehabilitation, to a Master’s degree in English.

A bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies can be used as preparation for several different careers, including:

Entry-level Management Personnel  Social Services Human Relations Officer Para-Professional Librarian
Policy Analyst Minister Public Relations Personnel
Urban Planner/City Manager Legislative Representative Lobbyist
Non-profit Organizational Director Administrator for Adult Education  Creative Writer
Advertising Account Executive Grant Writer Training Specialist
Human Resource Officer Medical Communications Trainer Government (Federal/State) Service Professional

And more…

The faculty and staff highly value our students and work to ensure that your academic experiences are positive and beneficial for the next chapters in your life.  I am excited about the future of our students as they intentionally empower themselves to become the designer of their destiny!

To our future graduates,

Regina M. Williams, Ph.D.

Interim Chair, Liberal Studies Department

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