Student Work

student productions

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication gives students the resources, guidance and creative freedom to produce their own content. You can check out below a sample of some of the multimedia projects our students have created and produced.

  • The annual NABJ Multimedia Short Course culminates in the student production of the “NABJ News” broadcast, which features two students who anchor the show. The “NABJ News” will also be streamed live via webcast this year.


  • Jordynn Carlisle is an active multimedia major. She recently produced a video for the Franklin McCain memorial:
  • Major Motives, a JOMC student-run video production group, produces original content on campus happenings
  • Richard Cannon periodically posts videos on his YouTube Channel CannonCannon11 that take a quirky, fun spin on day-to-day life
  • Check out student-produced projects through the A&T Television Studio here:
  • Electronic Media Senior, Isys J, produces her own shows and programming for WNAA:

  • Students that attend the NABJ Region III Conference in Charleston March 6-8, 2014, produced multimedia content during the program:

  • Two students, Kim Fields and Mariya Moseley, recently attended the computer-assisted reporting conference in Baltimore, Md. Read their blog posts about the experience: