The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication held its annual JOMC GRADUATION RECEPTION, which honors graduating seniors during the Fall and Spring semesters. On December 5, 2013, we honored THE GRADUATING CLASS OF FALL 2013. Chair, Professor Gail Wiggins, brought forth the welcome and greetings, followed by the recognition of all graduates by Associate Chair, Dr. Sheila Whitley. Later, select graduates were awarded with special recognitions by Dr. Vanessa Cunningham-Engram. At the closing of the program, each faculty member gave words of wisdom to the graduating class.

FALL CLASS of 2013

Ebonne B. Young
Christian O. Diggs
Allynn-Richard Jackson
Kiara S. Green
Aaron L Jennings
Eric R. Hicks
Korylee M. Harrelson
Rodney M. Harvin
Aaron J. Weathers
Quintin A. Royster
Wellington C. Williams
Carla L. Henry

Katherine A. Witt
LaShonda N. Jones
Morgan M. Cornell
Kibibi M. Hawkins
Sierra Parks
Chelsea P. McDaniel
Ian-Mitchell Dear
Adrian T. Gray
Charles L. Davis
 Brandon C. Douglass
Sade D. Smith-Tillman

Jennifer K. Simms
Brittany A. Moore
Keyona K. Crews
Tristan N. Bailey
Niya U. Smith
James T. Hicks
De'onna R. Young-Stephens
Jacqueline S. Maxwell
Jasmyn A. Johnson
Matthew D. Landrum
Amanda N. Rhoda
Jonathan E. Tillman

Kayla L. McLaughlin
Richard J. Wade
India D. Holland-Stewart
Kenyotta M. Boone
Jessica N. Alexander

Elaina N. Cession
Ashley N. Scotland


Magna Cum Laude
Elain Cession
Brittany Moore
Jennifer Simms
Katherine Witt

Cum Laude
Tristan Bailey
Keyona Crews
LaShonda Jones
Ebonne Young

Highest GPA (Concentration)
Ebonne Young (Brod. Prod)
Katherine Witt (Emedia)
Ashley Scotland (Media Mgmt)
Elaina Cession (Media Mgmt)
Jennifer Simms (PR)
Kayla McLaughlin (Print)

Outstanding Service (Media Outlets)
Ian Mitchell Dear (Televsion Studio)
Ashley Scotland (WNAA)
Brandon Douglass (WNAA)
India Holland-Stewart (JOMC Journal)

Outstanding Interns
Kiara Green (Broadcast Production)
Tristan Bailey (Public Relations)

Outstanding Senior Overall (Concentration)
Kayla McLaughlin (Print)
Jennifer Simms (Public Relations)
Ian Mitchell Dear (E Media)
Elaina Cession (Media Mgmt)
Kiara Green (Broadcast Production)