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terrance and brian

JOMC alumni, Brian Bennett, left, auditioned in 2012 for a spot on 106 and Park with then hosts Rocsi and Terrence J, another JOMC Alum

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Diversity in Education Magazine applauded North Carolina A&T in 2011, for being one of the top producers of African-American graduates in journalism and media-related fields. So what happens after graduation? JOMC alumni say you have to be a go-getter, never take no for an answer and stay on your grind. Take a look at these top journalism and mass communication grads and you will see evidence of Aggie alums who are well-established in the industry!

JOMC Alum, Terrence J, On the Move: From BET to E! News 

From EBONY Magazine - Entertainment & Culture Section - October 24, 2012
Terrence Jenkins is thinking like a mogul.
A former host of BET’s 106 & Park, Jenkins – we know him best as simply Terrence J – will take over Ryan Seacrest’s former hosting duties as co-host of E! News.
But that doesn’t mean that he’s giving up on any of his Hollywood ambitions. The 30-year-old North Carolina A&T State University grad found success earlier this year as part of the ensemble cast of Think Like a Man. Next year he’ll shoot the sequel, and there are a few more films coming down his pipeline.
J’s ultimate goal? To become a cross between Will Smith and Ryan Seacrest.
EBONY talks with Jenkins about on-air diversity, Hollywood and his new gig, which launches November 12, 2012 on E!

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Working in the Industry

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Shawn Jackson, Class of 2013, Public Relations


Public Relations Specialist, Edelmann, Chicago

Career Advice: I think that in order to make it in your respective field, you MUST have a love for what you are doing! A&T prepared me for half of the journey and the rest was left up to me by completing internships, staying actively involved in the department, and having that hunger to want to better myself and perfect my craft. Upon graduation, I completed seven internships, started two small PR firms and had active roles in every organization that the JOMC department had to offer. Yes, it may seem like a lot but that is what made my portfolio as diverse as it is, my resume as long as it is, and how I ultimately landed a spot with one of the leading PR firms in the world. Key takeaways that I can provide you is to stay hungry, never lose focus of what you want and dream big! You can reach whatever you want when you put in the right amount of time and effort.

Lauren Towns, Class of 2012, Public Relations


Account Coordinator, French/West/Vaughan, Raleigh

Career Advice: Work like the boss to be the boss. Working in the same capacity as your ideal position is the key to obtaining that position.

Dexter Rashuad Mullins, Class of 2010, Broadcast Production


News Producer, Al Jazeera Media Network

Career Advice: "I would encourage all students of the JOMC department to continue to reach out to the alumni and the faculty with their goals and set up a plan. Make that plan and then find a way to make it happen."

Chanel Jackson, Class of 2010, Broadcast Production


Account Executive, WKYC TV3, Cleveland

Career Advice: "Be educated, professional at all times and stay humble. You have to be better than the next person. Pray and work hard."

Starkeisha Sade Connor, Class of 2009, Broadcast Production


Producer, Yolanda Adams Morning Show, Houston

Career Advice: "One must be driven in order to succeed; success does not come over night, but one must be willing to go out and get it. Don't be the dreamer be the dream; never underestimate your talent nor hide it because you and you alone will have to show that you were born to shine. Remember someone is always looking up to you, just as you looked up to someone. Respect yourself, learn to take notes, become nosey, but become wise - there is never a dumb question. Never be afraid to step out on faith and challenge yourself. And most importantly, there will be many lonely days and lonely nights, lack of sleep and sometimes losing track of time, but remember if you love what you do than you will be just fine, with no regrets."

Kyle A. Harvey, Class of 2009, Print Journalism


Music/Web Editor, (NBC News), New York

Career Advice: "You have not, because you ask not."

Alana V. Allen, Class of 2007


PR Consultant, AT&T Mobility Corporate Communications Office, Atlanta

Career Advice: "When you are the minority, you are going to have to learn how to be better than good when it comes to your career. There will always be someone better than you in this world but at the end of the day you have to learn how to grind harder than them.  Every time you step into your position in life you have to be ready and present in the moment to give a 100 percent effort."