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All data is collected by North Carolina A&T State University's Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness and is available under the University's Fact Book. The information listed below was compiled specifically by the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication to meet accreditation requirements outlined by the ACEJMC Standard 6: Student Services.

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Cultural Diversity and Inclusiveness Statement  

It is vital that students in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication broaden their journalism/mass communications experiences, with guidance from the instructor, by including in their course work people and subjects regarding ethnic, gender, racial and religious minorities, persons with disabilities, and sexual orientation.

This includes, but is not limited to, developing sensitivity to language and images that may create an appearance of bias. The intent is to ensure that student work reflects the diversity of the community, nation and the world, and that students are exposed to diverse ideas and perspectives. In our courses, it is the responsibility of the instructor and students to foster an environment that supports free expression, while respecting the opinions of others.

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication is committed to diversity in all aspects of its program, including providing a climate of inclusion, as well as addressing student and faculty hiring and retention, curriculum, research and scholarship and outreach and service.