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A team of faculty from the Department of Chemistry have recently been granted a $30,000 College of Arts and Sciences 2013 Innovation Award entitled: From "Cook Book" to Guided Inquiry Laboratory Experiments (GILEs): A Pilot Study for Chemsitry Laboratory Curriculum Development." by Sayo Fakayode (PI), and Co-PIs, Tanya Pinder, Margaret Kanipes, Zerihun Assefa, Marion Franks, and Mufeed Basti.

Dr. Zerihun Assefa was recently recognized as a recipient of the National Role Model Faculty Mentor Award from Minority Access Incorporation. The recognition cites Exemplary Achievement in Motivating, Counseling, and Guiding Others (2013). Assefa also gave a radio-interview on his research and mentoing activities with WNAA 90.1 FM station.

The department of Chemistry welcomes Dr. Sayo Fakayode who joined the department as an Associate Professor of Analytical Chemistry starting Fall 2013. Dr. Fakayode brings several years of teaching and reserach experience from Winston-Salem State University.

The chemistry department has amassed a record number of recognition at the college level for the 2012-13 academic year. Recognitions for best Undergraduate students were given to Jessica Webb, Darian Bost and Lariah Edwards. The best graduate student of the year award was given to Carlos Crawford. In addition, the School of Graduate Studies recognized Shaka Gore for the best Thesis Award from the College of Arts And Science, while Matthew Mickens recieved University wide recognition for the Best PhD Dissertation award. Both Shaka and Matthew conducted their research with Dr. Assefa. Among faculty members Dr. Zerihun Assefa was recognized as the recipient of the merit teaching award.

Drs. Debasish Kuila and Divi Venkateswarlu along with a team of  scientists have been granted a 5 million award to form the CREST Bioenergy center by the National Science Foundation. Dr. Kuila serves as the research director of the center.

A record number of graduate and undergraduate chemistry students recieved their diploma at the May, 11, 2013 commencement. A total of eight graduate and ten undergraduates students successfully completed their education in the Departement.  

After a long dedicated service to the department a faculty member and two staff members retired on May 10, 2013. Dr. Vallie Guthrie retired after a 47 years service to the department and the University. Ms Carolyn Mayo (affectionately known as "Chemistry Mom") also retired after 18 years of dedicated service as adminstartive assisstant.  Ms Mayo's influence in the career and personal life of chemistry students was evident during the farewell party organized by the Department. The 3rd person to retire this year was the popular Mr Charles Wilson who served the Department as facility manager for 30 years. All three will be missed by the department.

The Chemistry Deprtment held its annual banquet on May 10 at the Memorial Union Center. The guest of honor this year was Dr. Iris Wagstaff who gave an inspireing speech. Several students were honored for their academic accomplishment at the cermony.

The annual Chemistry Department family picnic was held at the Bur mill park on May 4, 2013. The picnic was well attended by students, faculty, staff and their families.

The Accelerated Bachlors Masters program (ABM) has been approved by the University senate and this program will be initiated next Fall. Two new graduate level courses are also approved, Chem 641 --Spectroscopy and Chem 642--Xray crystallography.

Nobel Laureate Roald Hoffman featured as the Keynote Speaker for the 4th Bi-Annual Chemical Sciences Symposium. In celebrating the “International Year of Chemistry”, the Department of Chemistry hosted the 4th Bi-Annual Chemical Sciences Symposium on October 21, 2011.  This is 2nd time the department invited a nobel laureate in its biannual symposia.

Dr. Assefa's Research  has been featured in the ACS-web site under the theme Inovate & Inspire.

Professor Kuila presented Seminar at the Joint School of Nanoscience and nanoengineering. The title of Dr. Kuila’s presentation was "Nanocatalyst Development for Fuels & Cell Biology on Modified Surfaces"  on  November 4, 2011.

Eight Chemistry Majors attended the 2011 Annual Biomedical Research Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. Chemistry majors shared research experiences from their summer internships at the ABRCMs Conference, November 9-12, 2011.  Jessica Webb (junior) received top honors for her research presentation.

Quantitative Analysis II Class leads a Semester-Long Service Learning Project with the 5th Grade Classes at Rankin Class.  Both groups of students are learning about pesticide detection and its importance to maintaining healthy ecosystem.  Read the blog at

National  Women in Chemistry Honor Society comes to Greensboro. November 12th marked the installation of the Greensboro metropolitan chapter of Iota Sigma Pi.  The charter was signed for the 46th chapter (Fe). This metropolitan organization was charted by several of NCAT’s women; Darkus Jenkins, Dr. Margaret Kanipes, Dr. Ginger Powe, Shaka Gore, Kendra Whitehead, Davia Mckoy, Rashanda Haywood, and Charnell Chasten.