Mission and Vision

The College of Arts and Sciences seeks to provide students with high quality instruction and research experiences for its students inclusive of a broad interdisciplinary knowledge based on an ethical framework. The College encourages technological learning, creative thinking and professional excellence among its students, faculty and staff. The College’s programs prepare students for a lifetime of learning, productive work, and leadership in a global multicultural environment.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences is to provide concentrated programs of study in the arts, humanities, cultural studies and the natural, social and behavioral sciences and to provide research and other creative opportunities for the College’s students and faculty. The College of Arts and Sciences intends to accomplish its mission through the following objectives: 

  • To provide courses of instruction and service-learning experiences that prepare students for professional and self-employment.
  • Increasing the research and creative opportunities for the students and faculty in the College through expanded extramural funding and development gifts.
  • Increasing the research and creative productivity of the College’s faculty and students as evidenced by peer-reviewed publication and juried performances and creative works.
  • To provide opportunities and experiences for students to acquire analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • To provide training in effective communication.
  • To stimulate and encourage individual creativity and personal development among the College’s students, faculty and staff through research and related activities.
  • To foster and inspire creativity, self-discipline, and objective thinking among our students.
  • To provide the undergraduate academic foundation for our students to assure their success in graduate and professional education.