Policy on International Activities

Policy on International Activites

Policy on International Activities at North Carolina A&T State University

Purpose: To ensure that study abroad and other international activities/programs using the name of North Carolina A&T State University and involving its students and/or faculty are properly identified and registered with the Office of International Programs.

Policy: Any faculty member, administrator, staff or student who plans to conduct an activity/program involving students and/or faculty with travel abroad must contact, in writing, the Office of International Programs (OIP) following established protocols that can be found on the website or by contacting the OIP. The office can provide expert advice on procedures that should be used to improve the success of the activity/program.

OIP will ensure that the appropriate legal documents are properly executed to protect the N.C. A&T and all participants. If academic credit is awarded, proper signatures will be required from the appropriate chair and dean. The data collected by OIP will be used:

  • to contact travelers in case of an emergency or critical development
  • to prepare reports on the global activity of students, faculty, administrators and staff
  • to publicize the global activities at N.C. A&T
  • to confirm that participants in overseas programs are properly insured

For faculty, staff and administrators traveling on university business, please complete the International Travel Registration Form and send all supporting documentation to Minnie Battle Mayes at minniem@ncat.edu.

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