Prospective Students

The most important reward that you will get from the University Honors Program is an outstanding undergraduate experience that develops your academic skills and prepares you for success beyond North Carolina A&T State University.

Although a great education is its own reward, there is a practical side which comprises an important benefit to Honors Program graduates. The fact that your transcript shows that you were a member of the Honors Program by identifying all of the courses you took for Honors credit will give you a competitive edge if you apply to graduate school. Those seeking immediate employment will find that prospective employers view participation in the Honors Program as indicating that you are capable, well-trained, highly motivated, a self-starter and intellectually curious. No matter what your future plans, participation in the Honors Program is a mark of distinction that helps separate you out from other recent graduates.

Privileges Before Graduation

There are other benefits, too, for taking part in the Honors Program. For instance, the program will make available each semester special opportunities for you to attend cultural events, travel to conferences and take part in leadership training activities, all at little or no, cost. In addition. To ensure that there is no digital divide within Honors, we can loan you a laptop to use during the school year if you do not have a computer of your own. You will be able to register before the rest of the student body so that you can get the classes you need before they fill up. As an Honors Program member, you will also be granted library privileges similar to graduate students. Thus, you can take out an unlimited number of books, keep them for a longer period and request books through Interlibrary Loan.

Honors Housing

Many of our members, however, find that the most important benefit of the program is Honors housing. Starting with the 2005-06 school year, Scott Hall #6 has become the campus Honors residence hall. This provides about 200 of our members with a living environment that is not just conducive to working in their rooms, it also lets them easily form study groups with their friends in the program who are taking some of the same classes. In addition to that, some Honors courses are taught right in the building. The Honors Program even has a satellite office on the first floor which makes it easy for members to meet with the staff when needed.

Recognition at Graduation

When you complete the entire Honors Program, or one of the Honors Tracks, you will be specially identified in the Commencement Bulletin and given special recognition at our annual Honors banquet. You will also be awarded the following regalia enhancements:  

  • Students who graduate as a member of Honors: Gold Honors cords
  • Students who complete the General Honors track: Gold Honors Stole
  • Students who complete the Honors in the Major track: Honors Medallion

In addition, all courses taken for Honors credit will be identified as such on your transcript.