Skills Needed

Want to know if you have the skills needed to succeed in distance education? Success as a distance educator depends on special attributes. You need to be:

  • a self-directed learner

  • self-motivated

  • a good reader

  • able to learn best from reading rather than listening

  • able to follow written directions in completing complex tasks

  • comfortable with technology

  • able to work independently

  • able to prioritize your own workload

  • able to stay on task without supervision

  • able to judge your own progress

  • able to move from one task to another without immediate instructor feedback

Success also depends on technical skills, especially in online courses. To avoid letting technology interfere with learning in online and multimedia courses, you need to be able to:

  • customize your browser

  • send and receive email

  • send and receive a file attachment from email

  • paste text into an email message

  • able to to use a word processor (some advanced courses may require, Excel, PowerPoint, video/audio programs)

  • download and complete forms online

  • download and install software

  • run applications

  • create and save files

  • copy, move, and delete files

  • create directories

  • subscribe to listservs

  • perform general and specialized searches

Our online courses are not designed to teach you how to use software, manage files, navigate the Internet, or use email. Rather, you must have these skills before enrolling to ensure success in online courses. If you have any doubt about your skills, contact our office.