Online Course Development & Enhancement

Find answers to your questions regarding online course development and enhancement at NCA&TSU.

  1. Q: Who is eligible to develop or enhance online courses?

    A: All faculty and departmental chairpersons, with departmental approval, are eligible to develop and enhance online courses. 
  2. Q: How can I develop or enhance an online course?

    A: A request must be made to ITSDE for online course development or enhancement by the dean or chairperson.

  3. Q: Are faculty paid by ITSDE to develop or enhance online courses?

    A: No. Due to recent budget cuts, funding is currently not available. 

  4. Q: How do I get an online course development shell or access to an online enhancement shell?

    A: All requests for online course shells must be presented to ITSDE for consideration.

  5. Q: What support services are available to faculty developers or enhancers?

    A: ITSDE will provide the following:
    • Blackboard Course Development or Enhancement Shell
    • Instructional Design Assistance
    • Online Course Template
    • Workshops/Blackboard Training
    • Course Completion Review
  6. Q: After completion, how are online courses reviewed?

    A: Course developers/enhancers must present the completed online course to a review committee, which includes members of ITSDE, the department chair, dean and other veteran developers to ensure that courses are prepared to meet quality standards.